Your business uses all kinds of media everyday. Presenting your brand on all of your business’s operational materials promotes a perception of professionalism to your clients, allowing you to expect a fair market payment for your goods or services. Guerilla Design Services will help you solidify your professional identity by branding all of your business’s operational materials. We will design your logo, business card, letterhead, invoice and/or anything your clients see, providing templates so that you can use and reuse these operational/promotional materials.

Give your business a professional presence and leave your clients without a doubt about your business’s legitimacy.

A logo is your business’s key identifier.

Developing a logo that communicates the heart and soul of your business is no small task, nor is it something to take lightly.

There are a lot of factors to consider in the designing of your logo.

  • On what kind of materials are you planning to use your logo?
    • If it’s going to be mostly printed materials then the number of colors and complexity of image needs to be considered. You want the logo to reproduce well on everything from a vinyl sign to a 2 color t-shirt.
    • If it’s going to be mostly online then you can make a more complicated and colorful logo, but you still need to consider applications of transparency and file formats for the widest acceptance across browsers and platforms.
  • What font do you want to be associated with your company?
    • This seems simple and unimportant but fonts have subtle abstract associations to concepts and ideas and you want to make sure your font informs your product or service.

Guerilla Design Services can help you navigate all of these key questions and help you produce a logo that identifies your business and communicates it’s core values.

A business card puts a name with a face.

Handing a potential client a business card is one of the most personal and direct forms of marketing. Having just had a conversation a potential client about what it is that you and your business does all of the doors to a business relationship are open. You want to leave them with something to remember you by and the means to contact you in the future. A business card showcases your logo/business and informs a potential client on how to follow up with the conversation. The information on that card needs to be clear and concise, directing the viewer to the most effective way of getting in contact with you.

Guerilla Design Services can help you create a business card that engages their visual and tactile senses, forging a memory of you and your business.

A branded letterhead/invoice promotes your brand in everyday business correspondence.

Whether you’re sending out thank you letters or press releases, a branded letterhead will promote you business’s professionalism and remind your established or potential clients how to reach your business. An invoice is a great time to remind your clients that you are consistent and professional. Clients feel better about paying when your business presents itself as polished and professional.

Guerilla Design Services can help you promote your brand in all of your communication materials.