We build websites with both the user and client in mind.

Utilizing the WordPress framework we make custom themes for our clients that showcase their brand while allowing them to control the content of the site without costly updating fees.

Guerilla Design Services builds websites to be viewable across all browsers and to incorporate great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your site will be seen by as many people as possible.

Knowing the importance of Social Media, Guerilla Design Services turns your website into an online marketing platform. When you update your blog or a page on your site you can automatically update your social media sites. We can also bring the activity on your social sites into your website with Facebook Like boxes and RSS feeds imported from your other social networking sites.

Our goal is for you to only do things once.

Every business should understand their domain and hosting services. Guerilla Design Services will help you set up and understand these services.

Buying your domain is like copyrighting your business name. In the current business climate your domain name IS your brand and is at least as important as your logo. Guerilla Design Services can help you choose your domain name and secure it’s ownership for the longest terms possible. We can also help you manage your email accounts associated with your domain as well as any redirecting necessary. Choosing a hosting service is also an important decision. You want to compare the services each hosting company provides against your needs, such as traffic volume, multiple domain hosting and email plans. You should also be comfortable with your hosting service’s website so that you can navigate freely and find help if necessary.

Guerilla Design Services can help you choose the right hosting service for you and your business or we can even host your site on our servers.

Guerilla Design Services works with you to design a custom website that highlights your brand in an attractive, informative way and user friendly way.

The design process starts with a grid based design featuring your logo, fonts and colors. Once a moch-up is done we will meet with you for revisions where you can make changes to the design and we can talk about the site structure and other features/technologies you’re interested in including in your website. From there we will go back and make all the requested changes and set up a final design meeting. During this final design session you can make the final edits to the look of the site and we can settle on the appropriate features to be plugged in to the site. From here we will begin developing the site itself. You will be responsible for providing all of the content, such as text for all of the pages, links you’d like included and any images and media. Once all the content is collected we can put the site together. The time for construction varies according to the complexity of structure and features and the amount of content to be included.

We can make your site look anyway you like and feature just about any kind of functionality you are looking for.

Guerilla Design Services creates sites with search engine optimization in mine and makes sure your site displays great in all of the various browsers.

Getting atop the Google listings is very important for you website’s visibility. Guerilla Design Services uses a variety of tools to help your site climb the Google ranks. Meta tags are used to label your site’s content so that search engines can easily find out what is on your pages. Site-maps can give all of the major search engines an outline of your site so that they have a record of your site and it’s content, making it more likely to be found in any given search. We also make your site so that any changes you make will automatically update the site-map raising your ranking even higher. The more often you make changes to your site and the more blog entries you publish the higher your site will be ranked. Links to other sites and shared content also raise your ranking so we make it easy to propagate you updates and blog entries to all of your social media.